Bowl Attachment Baker's Pack for NutriMill Artiste

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Product Overview

The NutriMill Bowl Scraper scrapes the inner post and sides of the bowl. It snaps onto the Metal Driver or Plastic Driver along with the Cake Paddles, Cookie Paddles, and Wire Whips attachments. A great attachment for those who are tired of turning off their machine to scrape the side of bowl. Comes with 2 sets of blades.

The NutriMill Cake Paddles are made for pour-able batters and quick breads. Made with fewer tines so ideal for mixing without incorporating too much air.

The NutriMill Cookie Paddles are made for medium to thick batters and cookie doughs. When mixing stiff dough or adding heavy ingredients (fruit, nuts and candy) switch to the dough hook after creaming the butter. For double to larger batches also switch to the dough hook before adding flour.

Thess NutriMill Cookie Paddles are designed for medium to thick batters, frosting or cookie doughs. The right speeds to use are 1 to 3. Cookie Paddle tips: ALWAYS use softened butter, for large batches of cookie dough switch to the dough hook after creaming the butter & sugar. Cake Paddles are designed for thin to medium thick batters (cakes, frostings, muffins & non-yeast quick breads). The right speeds to be used are 1 to 3. Switch to the dough hook when adding ingredients such as raisins, nuts, oatmeal, etc. or making extra large batches. ALWAYS use softened butter.


  • Bowl Scraper
  • Cake Paddles

  • Cookie Paddles

1 year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review